Tony Kyprios

Hi, I’m Tony Kyprios

I’m a certified consulting hypnotherapist. I assist people to allow their mind and body to support their path of healing and recovery from any point in their life. My therapy is highly effective and is designed to assist you to get you sharply focused on your path to where you want to be in your life.

As a specialist change maker, speaker, trainer, educator and counselor too, I am dedicated to helping you become the very best version of yourself.

This website and my life’s work is all about helping you to be highly focused, to obtain wisdom, knowledge, tools and resources that allow you to become the person you are supposed to be, and to recover and break-through from life challenges. Become creative, resourceful and whole by utilizing the amazing power you possess in your mind to live your fantastic life!

You are so much more than you think you are, let me help you unlock your amazing true potential.

Live The Life You Want

Imagine It. Believe It. Create It.

Some Stories About Tony

I found him to be authentic, and deeply knowledgeable.

I attended a workshop Tony gave in Atlanta…his insights were powerful and soulful delivered with great compassion. I found him to be authentic, and deeply knowledgeable. This was a life shifting experience that has placed the foundation for an exciting renewed path.

Sara O’Heron MD, FCFP, AAFP

Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner

Tony is amazing!

He has helped me in all areas of my life through hypnotherapy from personal issues and on a professional level as well with my business. Things as simple as getting me to drink more water to having more confidence, to getting my business booming, to making more money, and who doesn’t want that! I feel relaxed the moment I walk through the door and I just love our chats as well, he is so easy to talk to about anything and everything. I feel healthier, happier and ready to tackle anything after seeing Tony.

Jessie Hodgson

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