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I am a certified hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and trainer as well as a qualified counselor. I have a full time practice in my home town Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. The focus of my practice is working with individuals and businesses to affect change and to increase productivity and improve culture.

In addition to conducting trainings for businesses, I also train other practitioners and present workshops to small groups of individual who wish to change their communication patterns and change their lives. I regularly travel and conduct workshops in the United States and has recently presented to my colleagues at the International NGH Convention in Boston.

I, for many years worked with both indigenous and non-indigenous Australian communities. I began my career as a Transpersonal and Emotional Release Counselor using expressive therapies. Some of these modalities include; sand play, voice dialogue, dream and symbol work, bodywork and movement, emotional release work, and artwork.

In 2005, I became a clinical hypnotist and a practitioner of NLP.

Later I went on to attain my Master Practitioners certification and Train the Trainer in NLP.

My Story

Now seems like the perfect time to tell you my story.

Buying a farm and leaving school at the age of 15 was a pivotal point in my life. It was the continuation of a journey of deep, self-discovery which oddly enough had begun even earlier around the kitchen table of my grandmother’s house when I was just a small boy. I can vividly recall how she, as I watched and witnessed, would listen to and sit with people facing different challenges in life. It was natural and easy for her to intuitively know where and how to guide people to the right connections and solutions to help them.

Little did I know that my life’s journey would bring me full circle to eventually doing the same thing in my own life. (I’ll get back to more of that part of the story later.) Buying a farm at age 15! Who would have thought that leaving school at such a young age would be the beginning of a lifetime of success and learning?

For me, this was indeed the case. I quickly realized that by buying the farm and leaving school, that I had begun an education in “the school of life” that no money or university could ever provide. Having that level of independence and responsibility at such a young age placed me in a unique position. I was experiencing things that required a maturity far beyond my years on a business level, yet inside I was still a young person of only 15 with the innocence and inexperience of a child.

This allowed me to observe with keen acuity, almost like a fly on the wall, the inner workings of adult people’s minds. It became apparent to me that some people were able to work positively with language patterns, thought processes and their emotions and that some other people just didn’t seem to get it.

Years later the skills I had learned as young farmer and businessman served me well when I worked for a large corporation and was the direct manager of around 100 employees. I then found myself with the experience and the natural ability to both discern a communication issue from an emotional intelligence issue and became the youngest high level manager in that corporation.

This accomplishment was due in large part to my ability to inspire, train and assist others to grow and to operate at their very best. Finally, after 7 years of successful corporate life I realized that my life was based almost entirely on a western system of success and work, which to me lacked balance. It was time for another adventure and another education!

I headed to India to immerse myself in a different way of being and a different mindset based on integration of mind, body and spirit. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t spend 2 months living in an ashram. I spent 2 months living with the locals there and then traveled to Pakistan and lived there among the locals for 6 months.

During that time, I integrated much of my knowledge into wisdom and deep understanding of the human condition. I met and created powerful relationships with some people with whom I was unable to communicate with verbally and found myself able to quickly build rapport and empathy using body language and subconscious levels of awareness.

Upon my return to Australia, it became my temporary focus to care for my aging and ailing parents. This enabled me to slow down and begin formal studies to complete a 5-year program as an Emotional Release Counselor, which then led to formal studies of Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Seventeen years later I find myself with a vibrant private practice, family life and social circle that integrates all the powerful experiences and learning I have gathered throughout the years. Now as I sit around my own table I can hearken back to that table in my grandmother’s home where she was the pillar of our family’s and our community’s social, emotional and spiritual stability. It feels to me that in many ways my life has come full circle.

Today it is my passion to help people find happiness, well-being and better relationships.

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