Dancing Through Life

Feb 13, 2022

A relationship with someone we love can be a beautiful dance.  We can glide together in a flow of movement.  We can spin and turn together as one.  Being in harmony and balance with ourselves and our partner can bring a wholeness and a life of fulfillment.  We can be full of joy and happiness and having someone to share this with allows us to love and be loved.  Having good clear and open communication can help us find and fulfill our needs and those of our loved ones.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it seems appropriate to begin considering some simple things that we can do to make this part of our lives more enjoyable and the journey more pleasurable.  By slowing down a little, we can begin to listen and hear each other’s wishes and needs.  The law of attraction states that what we focus on we draw to us.  What we focus on expands.  Sadly, many people focus on their needs more so than their partners.  For far too many people, the need to control another can create issues within a relationship.  Their desire to fulfill their wants and their need to be right can create hostilities and resentment.  They forget that the most successful relationships we have with people, the most rewarding, are where we create a simple “win win” situation and out come.  Where everyone is heard and everyone’s needs are met.  This may sometimes require some negotiating or even outside help to achieve a positive outcome, but the rewards are always worth it.  Another simple change we can make is to respect ourselves more.  By doing this, we begin to respect others more and it becomes easier to see things from their perspective.  It is easy to get busy and not truly appreciate each other. We take for granted the things that people do for us.  We may take for granted their time that they share with us, and sometimes even their overt acts of love.

Take a look at your relationship.  Are you giving your partner all the same consideration, respect and understanding that you want from them?  Slow down.  Be kind to each other and to yourself.  Have fun.  Develop an attitude of gratitude for the people in your life.  We usually learn our most valuable lessons through the people we love the most.  Having a loving relationship enables us to grow far more than when we are on our own.

I believe relationships are like bank accounts.  We need to make regular contributions if we wish to make withdrawals.  Too often, people expect to make withdrawals when they have made very few or no deposits.  Healthy bank accounts don’t happen just by accident, neither do good relationships.  Remember, Happiness in Love is a choice.

Tony Kyprios

Hi, I’m Tony Kyprios

I’m a change maker, a speaker, trainer, educator and counselor and hypnotherapist. I am dedicated to helping you become the very best version of yourself.