Living In The Light

Mar 5, 2022

Quantum Physics has proved that we are energy beings.  Our ego tricks us into believing that we are something else.  Through our conditioning we start to move away from our true essence to create the facade, the masks which we wear and present to the world.

We learn early that society expects us to be and perform in certain ways.  We can even believe that we are better than others.  Our ego will even have us believe that to be good enough we need a certain car or job or house to be happy.

None of this is true.

The struggle around ego becomes very pronounced by our teenage years.  Due to media representations, many young people suffer anxiety and depression because they feel they can’t live up to the images they see being portrayed.

A good sign that we are operating from our ego is when we experience anger, frustration or fear.  One way you can tell your ego from your soul is, your ego always knows and your soul doesn’t need to know.  Your ego lives in fear and your soul lives in trust.  Your ego resists when things aren’t going its way, your soul surrenders trusting that your life is taking you exactly where you need to go.  Your ego is serious and your soul is light and joyful.  Your ego blames and stands in judgment, while your soul is comfortable and compassionate and takes responsibility of creating every circumstance.

Now is a good time to start letting go of what you aren’t and letting your soul shine.

Tony Kyprios

Hi, I’m Tony Kyprios

I’m a change maker, a speaker, trainer, educator and counselor and hypnotherapist. I am dedicated to helping you become the very best version of yourself.