Moving Forward

Jul 5, 2022

The biggest challenge I find people struggling with is that they are so focused on what they don’t want and have very little idea of what they do want. People need a compelling future, without one people lack motivation and direction.  I always help my clients create a compelling future so that they are able to move forward into clarity and towards goals and outcomes they desire.  If you can’t clearly see something it is not possible to reach out and grab it.  Because of this I find most people are walking around feeling unfulfilled because they are unable to attain their goals and dreams.

It is no wonder so many people present to my office with anxiety and depression when they can’t see a way forward.  People need to understand that motivation is not something that comes from the outside but rather something that comes from within.  Sadly most people are misguided when they say to themselves “I’ll just wait and when I feel motivated I’ll do it”, because rarely does that happen.

So ask yourself, “What do I want?” and stop telling the story of what you don’t want.  Remember the Law of Attraction; what you think about is what you bring about.  If you need help, seek help and make it happen.  When you become excited about your life, your future and where you are heading you will naturally become motivated and unstoppable around reaching your goals.  Every day, you write your story, so make it a good one!

Tony Kyprios

Hi, I’m Tony Kyprios

I’m a change maker, a speaker, trainer, educator and counselor and hypnotherapist. I am dedicated to helping you become the very best version of yourself.