The Freedom To Choose

Jun 5, 2022

Austrian neurologist, psychologist and Holocaust survivor, Victor Frankl once wrote, “Everything can be taken from a person but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitudes in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way”. Frankl was right. Attitude is a choice. You could be faced with a hundred problems, many or most over which you might have absolutely no control. However, there is always one thing you are in complete and absolute control of, that is your own attitude.

When you surrender control of your attitude to what appears to be a negative situation, you will likely react to that situation. More often than not, reacting is inappropriate. On the other hand, if you remain objective, you will respond to the situation appropriately, thereby creating a much improved outcome and sometimes even a winning situation.

Attitude is actually a creative cycle that begins with your choice of thoughts. You do choose your thoughts and that choice is where your attitude originates. As you internalize ideas or become emotionally involved with your thoughts, you create the second stage in forming an attitude; you move your entire being – mind and body – into a new “vibration”. Your conscious awareness of this vibration is referred to as “feeling”. Your feelings are then expressed in actions or behaviors that produce the various results in your life.

There are many things that can be perceived as being wrong in this world; unfortunately, that is all some people are able to see. Those who view the world in this light are often unhappy and somewhat cynical. Usually, their life is one of lack and limitation and it almost appears as if they move from one bad experience to another blaming other people for their problems and dissatisfaction, rather than accepting responsibility for their life and their attitude

Positive results are almost always the effect of a positive attitude. Attitude and results are inseparable. What I mean by that is one is the cause, the other, the result. Simply stated, if you think in negative terms, you will get negative results; if you think in positive terms you will achieve positive results. Ralph Waldo Emerson reiterated that same point when he said, “A person is what they think about all day long”. The results you achieve in life are primarily an expression of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. As the year comes to a close, consider taking a close look at your life and evaluate the results you are achieving in various areas. Are you getting the results you want? If not, how about changing your attitude?

Tony Kyprios

Hi, I’m Tony Kyprios

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